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  • Adoption -  Adoption might be the biggest decision of your life. If you are  looking to adopt, or are a birth parent making the decision to have  another family raise your child, we can help you. In Florida, adoption is guided by state laws.  It is important that  you have the help of an experiences adoption attorney who can help easy  some of the complicated steps required in the process.  Kevin J.  D’Espies has worked many cases involving adoption and can help ease you  through the process.


  • Child Custody - Determining child custody can often be the most emotional and  difficult process of a divorce.  When parents cannot mutually agree on  who should get child custody then a court often has to intervene and  will award custody in the best interest of the child as they see it.It is vital that you have an experienced child custody attorney  represent you and fight for your rights.  Kevin J. D’Espies is an  experienced child custody lawyer in Florida and can help guide you about  the law and what the court is looking for. With proper preparation,  Kevin will help you get the results that are best for you and your child. We practice in EMERGENCY CUSTODY along with temporary custody. We practice in EMERGENCY CUSTODY along with temporary custody. We specialize in child support mediation.


  • Child Support Mediation is a legal process to resolve child support issues without involving the courts.  Court litigation is generally a much more expensive and timelier process.  Mediation is designed to allow parents to mutually negotiate child support through the help of a mediator and the attorneys representing each parent.It is important that you have a great child support attorney on your side when you negotiate for child support.  Kevin J. D’Espies is an experienced child support attorney who has represented clients through dozens of mediations.  He is able and ready to help you with your particular situation.

  • Custody Modification -  Generally a court will not want to alter a child custody agreement that has been working for all parties.  However, certain circumstances may be prudent for a custody modification, these include:

  1. Relocation of a parent
  2. Danger to the child including domestic abuse
  3. Non-cooperation of a parent to current agreement
  4. Death of a parent

  • Divorce -  Marriage termination is always a difficult process.  Hard decisions will have to be made about how to divide property and spousal support if applicable.  If there are children involved then both parties will have come to agreement on custody, visitation, and support. If you or your spouse contests the divorce it can be an emotionally draining process that may only be solved through court or mediation. It is vitally important that you have the help of an excellent divorce attorney who can fight for your rights while also trying to amicably resolve issues that remain with your spouse.

  1. Contested Divorce -  A contested divorce occurs when you or your spouse does not want a divorce or is contesting the terms of the divorce.If you, or your spouse, contest the divorce prepare for a long possibly very emotional process. An expert divorce attorney can help clear issues that remain and shorten the process as well as lighten the mental load of a contested divorce.Sometimes even with the help of a great divorce attorney issues can remain unresolved.  In such cases the divorce may lead to mediation or court involvement.
  2. Uncontested Divorce - In an uncontested divorce the married couple is able to come to an agreement on division of property, child support, spousal support and all other financial issues. Securing an uncontested divorce is much less expensive and time-consuming than reaching the terms of divorce through litigation or even mediation. It can also be much less stressing.   Furthermore, divorcing couples know their situations better than a court ever could — this means they are in the best position to make essential decisions regarding property division, child custody, child support and alimony.  In many cases, spouses will have an ongoing relationship even after the divorce and an uncontested divorce provides a stronger foundation for future interactions than divorce litigation. 
  3. Military Divorce  -  The process for a military couple to divorce is different than a standard family law case.   While typically the state of residency has full jurisdiction over how a divorce is handled, in the case of military divorce the federal government has enacted legislation that applies to divorces involving military personal.  Federal law dictates when a military divorce can occur, under what circumstances it may be postponed, and how an active member of the military may be served.   In addition, Florida law provides unique residency requirements for military families.  Kevin J. D’Espies is well versed in the unique challenges a military divorce presents and is ready to help you.

  • Emergency Custody -  When there is a threat of harm to a child it is often necessary to seek emergency custody.  Family law courts take emergency custody hearings very seriously.  Circumstances that can lead to emergency custody include domestic violence or child abuse.   Kevin J. D’Espies is an excellent family law attorney specializing in child custody including emergency custody hearings.  He has experience representing both sides of a child emergency custody hearing and can help you with your situation. 
  • Family Law -  Are you having problems with a spouse or ex-spouse?  Divorce may be one of the most complicated issues you face in your life.  Whether you or your spouse made the decision, the choices you make now and in the coming months may shape the next decade of your life.  It’s critically important you have a qualified and experienced divorce attorney to help you through the process.  I can help.  I have been a family law attorney for more than 30 years.   I treat my clients with the integrity, respect and the dignity they deserve. I provide pragmatic advice that is based on my decades of experience. 
  • Father's Child Support Rights -  D’Espies & Associates is dedicated to protecting a father’s legal rights.  We focus on the needs of men facing difficult family law matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, and domestic violence charges.  Times have changed and with it so have the attitudes of the court.  If you are seeking the custody of your children don’t dismiss the idea that you have no chance.  In fact, courts today more and more are seeking to give an equal share of parental responsibilities.  And many fathers are even winning the primary custody of their children.   Kevin J. D’Espies is a fathers rights attorney who wants to insure your equal rights in custody, visitation rights, child support, and other family law situations. 
  • Father's Custody Rights -  At D’Espies & Associates, we believe in a father’s rights to the custody of his children.  A court will always award custody rights in the best interest of the child.  While historically that has often been the child’s mom that does not always have to be the case.  Nowadays the court works to keep both parents involved in shared parenting of the children.  And there are often circumstances where the father is the best choice for taking primary custody of the children.   If you are a father seeking custody of your children it is vital that you have an experienced child custody attorney who can properly demonstrate to the court your best fit to take primary custody of the children. 
  • Paternity -   Paternity is a legal action that identifies a child’s biological father. Fathers usually file paternity actions to establish a legal parent-child relationship or to obtain visitation rights with the child. Most mothers file paternity actions to establish and obtain child support from the child’s father.
  • Spousal Support Modification -  There can be many reasons why a court may approve the modification or complete termination of spousal support. When a person’s ability to pay spousal support has been comprised it is possible to seek  modification. When it can be established that the person receiving spousal support no longer needs the support then a modification might be granted.
  • Temporary Custody -  Temporary custody is often determined during a separation or prior to the divorce.  If a court makes this decision it will always be in the best interest of the child. Often times temporary custody orders have a significant impact on final custody orders. A parent who is not granted temporary custody is usually afforded generous visitation rights. The court takes the position that maintaining a relationship with both parents serves the child’s best interests. Parents may also choose to execute a temporary child custody agreement if they decide to grant temporary child custody to another person. There can many reasons why a parent may decide to grant temporary custody of their child to another person including illness, financial duress, temporary job relocation, and more.